JanFerNic designer Jan Melis draws inspiration from the traditions of cultures worldwide. He is also fascinated by practical usability.

Jan translates all these facets into timeless products which fit perfect in all modern styles.

Bags can be used by men and women, for work or a day off, for shopping and travel. Handles can be exchanged so you can adjust your bag to fit the task at hand.

The product

Each JanFerNic product is carefully made by hand in the Netherlands, with the energy and attention required to make a piece of artwork. The creative use of natural pieces of Dutch leather gives each janfernic bag a unique and authentic touch, which guarantees no two bags are the same.

You will sense the care, devotion, expertise and passion that goes into each JanFerNic product.

JanFerNic only uses the best leather, poppers and zippers. These products are designed to accompany you for a lifetime, therefore JFN gives a lifetime warranty on all products.

Delivery and durability

Each piece of leather is chosen by the designer himself from leather workshops in the immediate vicinity, right here in the Netherlands. The supplies hail from Italy, simply because the quality is the best there. In addition, every bag is made in a Dutch workshop by true craftsmen. All these considerations are not only made from a design or quality point of view, but also to be as environmentally mindful as possible. The bags are virtually indestructible, so you have a companion for the rest of your life, making sure you do not participate in the growing global waste problem. You can change the handles of your bag to create and change color combinations. The designs are made in such a way that the pieces of leather can be reused with minimal waste.

We redesign used banana boxes for the protection and delivery of the products. Each box receives its own attention and finish. We try to combine delivery and if possible we transport the bags by bike. Design, quality and the environment are inextricably linked at JanFerNic.

Do you have special requests? Or would you like to have a bag designed to your special wishes? Feel free to call or send an email!


If you own a bag from JanFerNic, you have made a distinction, and maybe you want to share your experiences and thoughts about your bag with people who have also have a janfernic bag. Send a photo and text of (you and) your bag on that particularly beautiful moment or in that special situation to info@janfernic.nl. We will put the best submissions on ‘The wall of Fame‘, where bags are immortalized and bag owners meet.


JanFerNic does not only manufacture products but is also involved in several projects.

Wayfinding plays an ever increasingly large role in busy modern life. When visiting a place for the first time it’s a chore to get to the right place when there are no signs pointing you in the right direction. This chore is rightfully the source of irritation and frustration. JanFerNic mediates in complex wayfinding cases, from taking stock of the problem, to planning the best approach, to ultimately implementing the signage elements. Everything under one roof in order to maintain full control of the project towards completion while minimising the risk of errors.

JanFerNic designs interiors with an eye for feasibility and practicability. With this too, we keep the process under one roof using expert metal-, leather-, and woodworking techniques. When designing interiors we can tailor the design to your wishes. In, for example, “The Impossible Project”, we executed a design where treetrunks needed to be attached to the ceiling. When no other contractor could execute the task affordably, JFN did. We think of a fitting solution to your problem and get the job done.

We specialise in 3d visualisation, making every project design clear for all parties involved.