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The skin comes from European oxen, these cattle are killed according to the strictest EU legislation. The skin is then sourced, depilated and the remaining pieces of meat are removed in a scraping process.

The skin is now ready for tanning, the tanning and finishing process are both exercised according to the strictest EU standards.

The skin is 100% vegetable tanned, with tannins coming from the sap in the bark of the acacia tree. The mayor compound used is the well-known fabric Tannin, which is also found in tea and wine. The bark of the acacia tree in this case comes from a plantation. The trees are cut and replanted every 10 to 15 years.

After the first “tanning” process follows a second process, in this case the finishing of the leather. This means that the skin is dyed thoroughly with aniline. The rest of the leather is left as it was created by nature, weather and wind. Using this process the leather becomes extremely soft and when you approach it, it feels wonderfully warm. Full aniline leather is the most authentic and sensual leather there is.

* Full aniline is used as a base substance for the chemical industry and is also used in particular to create dyes. It used to be obtained from coal tar, nowadays it can be made artificially.